Why Speech and Debate?

Honor Academy’s Speech and Debate program promotes leadership and confidence in students by equipping them with the ability to gather evidence, analyze information, and form persuasive arguments. We are also firm believers in active learning as it encourages students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of course content. 

The skills learned through this high-level activity are beneficial in all aspects of your child’s future.

honor academy speech and debate


Below are commonly known facts and benefits students can earn.

  1. Speech and debate is a LEADERSHIP program.
  2. Regardless of age, learners deal with SOCIAL issues, helping students broaden knowledge that cannot be taught at schools.
  3. National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA, formerly National Forensics League) is an organization that manages the national programs regardless of the region within the United States.
  4. The participants prepare themselves by collecting relevant information regarding their own or given topic, so learners build REAL-LIFE KNOWLEDGE and CRITICAL-THINKING in various fields that, otherwise, students will hardly be exposed to.
  5. Through massive amount of research, students also IMPROVE ACADEMIC ASPECTS, such as high-level VOCABULARIES, COMPREHENSION, WRITING SKILLS, and ANALYTICAl SKILLS.
  6. Speech and debate competitors continuously improve their SELF-CONFIDENCE in public speaking through HUNDREDS OF SPEECHES through years of participation.
  7. Due to the necessity of constraining their presentations within the given time limits, learners will learn TIME MANAGEMENT skills.
  8. TOP COLLEGES in the United States have tendency of having students who can be leaders in the society, so it is well known that the students who participated in speech and debate activities gain higher EXTRA POINTS from them than other extra-curricular activities.
  9. Most colleges in the United States have their own clubs and teams, where students can continue their career and may be offered SCHOLARSHIPS from the colleges.
  10. In order to excel in speech and debate and eventually, become a successful leader, it is recommended that students train for years and participate in TOURNAMENTS. Nothing comes easy, but the life-long benefits will far exceed the time and cost.

Is “Speech and Debate” THE MOST VALUABLE ACTIVITY for elementary to high school students?- ABSOLUTELY!

Link to celebrities who were debaters

To sum up, you will not only improve your advanced English skills but also gain critical thinking-based knowledge, confidence, and leadership.

And, speech and debate is so fun because it is a sport just like basketball, baseball, or tennis. Speech and debate can be learned as early as the 3rd grade at Honor Academy in Cerritos, California.

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