End of Semester Online Championship

speech and debate tournament

Honor Academy speech and debate team competed at the End of Semester Online Championship hosted by Damien Highschool over Yaatly and Zoom video conferencing solutions. Regretfully, we cannot list all of the students who also worked hard on the tournament.

Congratulations on your achievements. However, you also realized how you can further improve.

Varsity LD

Semifinalist – D. Lee

Quarterfinalist – M. Guo

Quarterfinalist – V. Mehta

Octofinalist – V. Dara

Varsity PF

Semifinalists – S. Nair & I. Tsou

Freshman PF

Finalists – D. Maeshiro & Y. Gupta

Semifinalists – S. Bidani & T. Joshi

Freshman LD

Semifinalists – L. Chun