2021 Annual Stanford Invitational (Feb 6-8, 2021)

speech and debate tournament

Honor Academy students went to the 35th Stanford Invitational Speech and Debate tournament and had a very productive time this past weekend until Monday, Feb 8, 2021. We had students competing in Lincoln-Douglas debate Middle school division, Lincoln-Douglas debate Novice division, Lincoln-Douglas debate California Open division, Lincoln-Douglas debate TOC (Tournament of Champions) division, Public Forum debate Middle School division, Public Forum debate Open division, Public Forum debate TOC (Tournament of Champions) division, Impromptu JV division, Informative speaking JV division, Original, and Oratory Novice division.

To some of our students, this tournament was an opportunity to achieve a valuable award, but we thought this was a good opportunity for all of us to grow as individuals.

As we typically do, here is a list of names that deserve special recognitions.

LD Open(CA) – Octofinalist (D. Kim)

LD Open(CA) – Double-octofinalist (E. Kim)

LD Open(CA) – Double-octofinalist (O. Katre)

LD TOC – Triple-octofinalist (A. Park)

LD Novice – Quarterfinalist (H. Hong)

LD Novice – Double-octofinalist (S. Jung)

LD Middle School – Double-octofinalist (R. Yoon)

PF Open – Octo-finalist (S. Bidani & T. Joshi)

PF Middle School – Triple-cotofinalist (A. Anand & A. Kim)

PF Middle School – Triple-octofinalist (S. Sethi & D. Bidani)

Impromptu – Semifinalist (S. Oh)

LD Open(CA) – 4th Speaker (E. Kim)

LD Novice –

LD Middle School –

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