2020 IVC Winter Classic Debate Tournament Achievements

speech and debate tournament

Honor Academy Speech and Debate Team at IVC

We won 31 awards in total.

Congratulations to all!

Elementary PF
8th Speaker, 9th Speaker, 10th Speaker, 2nd place, 3rd place

Middle School LD
3rd Place, 7th Speaker, 4th Place, 6th Place, 5th Speaker

Middle School PF
2nd Place, 5th Place, 2nd Speaker, 4th Speaker, 8th Speaker

High School PF
5th Place, 8th Speaker, 9th Place, 4th Speaker, 10th Speaker

High School LD
1st Place Winner, 1st Speaker, 2nd Speaker, 2nd Place, 8th Speaker, 8th Place, 4th Speaker, 9th Place, 10th Speaker